African Badminton Champs – Deidre & Amy

African Badminton Champs - Deidre & Amy - She Speaks Sport Podcast
African Badminton Champs - Deidre & Amy

A She Speaks Sport bonus Episode!

I caught up with badminton champs Deidre’ Laurels and Amy Ackerman on their way to compete in Slovenia. Amy and Deidre’ are the African women’s doubles champions and are ranked number 1 on the African continent.

On this episode, we speak all things Badminton and how these ladies are starting their official Olympic qualification cycle to make it in to the games for Paris 2024. Deidre’ and Amy also talk about how they found themselves paired together as a double’s badminton team, how they feel about competing in Slovenia and then the Maldives, and how they are raising the much-needed funding to sponsor their competitions and tournaments. Tune in for this episode and find out how you too, can support our badminton women’s champs!

2 thoughts on “African Badminton Champs – Deidre & Amy”

  1. I definitely think that more people should hear this story! Wow wow wow! Im speechless. #womanempowermenttothemax

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