F1 Academy with Racing Driver Chloe Chong

F1 Academy with Racing Driver Chloe Chong - She Speaks Sport
F1 Academy with Racing Driver Chloe Chong

On the show today, I am joined by racing driver Chloe Chong, who has made her debut this year as the youngest driver in the F1 Academy for the Prema racing team.

Chloe started karting at the age of 6 and was selected for the FIA Women in Motorsport Girls on Track Rising Stars, where she made it to the finals to compete for a place on the Ferrari Driver Academy in Maranello. In march this year she was announced as one of the PREMA drivers for the F1A. Chloe shares with us how she found her passion for racing, and how she counts learning and gaining experience as the key components to racing. We also discuss her position in the races at Spielberg and Valencia, and how she handles gender stereotypes and the individuals who insist that “girls can’t race, they should be cooking.” In the second half of the show, racing champion Fabienne Lanz joins Chloe and I to chat through Chloe’s experience as a Rising Star.

What are Chloe’s dreams for the future, and how is the sisterhood and camaraderie between the racers in the F1A? Chloe answers these questions and so much more on the show, tune in and get excited about the inaugural season of the all-female racing series, the F1A!

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