Coaching Excellence with Dinesha Devnarain

Coaching-Excellence-with-Dinesha-Devarain - She Speaks Sport
Coaching Excellence with Dinesha Devnarain

Today on She Speaks Sport, I am joined by powerhouse coach Dinesha Devnarain. She is the women’s national academy head coach, the first woman to have a high-performance coaching job at Cricket South Africa and she led the Fairbreak Warriors to the tournament win as assistant coach in Hong Kong this year. 

Together, Dinesha reflects on the journey of her life in cricket, and how her overarching mission is to have an impact on others that leaves them in a better space than they were before. As a coach, we discuss her coaching philosophy of “making better people, before making people, better cricket players.” We discuss her individual approach to coaching, and how that benefits those she coaches, as well as how she found herself as a coach after studying financial accounting and human resource management. Dinesha opens up about taking care of others, and their hardships before focusing on performance alone as cricket players. She draws us into the reality that empathy is something she uses when coaching men and young boys, and how powerful empathy is when coaching. Wisdom, insight and goodness is something you will experience when hearing Dinesha share about her life as a coach and a woman who has broken many glass ceilings in her field. Settle in with us and come away with a stirred heart after this conversation.

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