The F1A Wrap up with Chloe Chong

The F1A Wrap up with Chloe Chong
The F1A Wrap up with Chloe Chong

This week I am so excited to once again catch up with motorsport driver Chloe Chong, who was the youngest driver in the Formula 1 Academy in 2023. Racing with Prema Racing last year, Chloe made the transition from karting and progressed throughout the season to have her sights firmly set on the future with F1.

On the show we discuss Chloe’s takeaways from the F1 Academy, as well as the challenges and highlights from the season. We talk about her collision in Barcelona which left her with a sore wrist and only one good set of tyres for the final race day. And we also get in to her meeting with Lewis Hamilton and the now – famous bolt he fixed on her car. There was something specific Chloe had to tell the Formula 1 icon and she shares this on the show. Also, Chloe shares her tricks on how to sleep anywhere (a superpower in my opinion!), and what her and her team mates got up to between races. We also talk about music, and the songs we love. How is Chloe juggling racing and school work? What are her plans for 2024 (a lot will be unfolding in the next few weeks? And of course, I needed to know how is Ellie? Tune in for this enjoyable, behind the scenes conversation. 

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