Sarah Hill – Tackling Obstacles as a Female Cyclist  

Sarah Hill Pro Mountain Biker and Podcast Host Lauren Jacobs - She Speaks Sport
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Sarah Hill - Tackling Obstacles as a Female Cyclist  

Sani2c wrapped up yesterday, and this year was epic! Watching Sarah Hill and her team mate Elrike Harmzen was such a delight, and their solid finish at 2nd overall deserves huge applause. On She Speaks Sport today, Sarah joins me to speak about some of the most important obstacles and hardships facing professional female mountain bikers.

Sarah is a cycling coach, professional cyclist, as well as a coach for the Absa #sheuntamed initiative for women’s cycling and is currently completing her masters in clinical sports psychology and understands the world of competitive cycling from the inside out. She gets candid about the role of the media in propelling women’s sport forward, the reality of owning a purpose of service and insight in to her own journey of burn out and depression. I also ask the question “how supportive are men’s teams towards female cyclists?” and you will want to be tuned in for the unfiltered truth on this one.

Image of Sarah Hill by – Max Sullivan

2 thoughts on “Sarah Hill – Tackling Obstacles as a Female Cyclist  ”

  1. Chanelle le Sueur

    So great to hear a female cyclists speak her truths about the struggles that still stand in the female cycling industry and all you have achieved. Would be great if you could start a program similar to trails angles Stellenbosch
    side that other female cyclists would have a safe space to learn new skills and be empowered by other female cyclists.

    1. Lauren Jacobs Profile Pic

      Thanks so much Chanelle! I think it’s so great for female athletes to speak their truth and to hear their stories. Love the idea about trail angels Stellies!

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