The FairBreak Movement with Shaun Martyn

Shaun Martyn - She Speaks Sport
She Speaks Sport
The FairBreak Movement with Shaun Martyn

On today’s episode of She Speaks Sport, I am joined by Shaun Martyn founder of FairBreak, a global movement promoting gender equality through the vehicle of cricket.

Fairbreak is ground breaking for so many reasons. Through empowerment of female cricket players from nations where women’s cricket has not yet fully developed, to research into sports bra’s that encourage breast health, to creating equal opportunities for women across sport, media, health, business and education. At their core FairBreak also have a pure ethos and do not have gambling or betting sponsors for their tournaments, due to the link between gambling, betting and domestic violence against women.

Shaun joins me to share about the beginnings of this movement, and the pillars upon which FairBreak is built. We also discuss the world class cricket tournaments that are held each year where players from across nations and cultures come together to play the game they love. This year FairBreak will be hosting its second cricket tournament in Dallas, throughout September and we give you the low – down on what to expect and the vision for women’s cricket in the United States.

2 thoughts on “The FairBreak Movement with Shaun Martyn”

  1. Very nice interview. I am proud to be the first Fairbreaker…..a wonderful opportunity to learn and understand and improve from the founder Shaun and so many fellow Fairbreakers. #fairbreaker
    ” Once a Fairbreaker always a Fairbreaker”

    1. Lauren Jacobs Profile Pic

      Hi Vidya, so lovely to meet one of the first Fairbreakers. I’m sure you have so many special memories and to have the opportunity to learn from Shaun and the team is just phenomenal! All the best for your ongoing journey and thanks for tuning in 🌼

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