Coaching at the WPL with Stacey Lee Hercules

Stacey - Lee Hercules - She Speaks Sport
Coaching at the WPL with Stacey Lee Hercules

On She Speaks Sport this week, I am joined by Stacey – Lee Hercules who was the strength and conditioning coach for the Mumbai Indians in the inaugural WPL tournament this year.

In this episode Stacey gives us a glimpse through the eyes of a coach, at the winning team in this year’s WPL. We also discuss what it felt like to be at the games, the future growth of the WPL, and the surprise call that saw her joining the support staff at the Mumbai Indians. We talk WPL, women’s cricket and so much more! Stacey’s excitement, joy, and experiences are all so tangible in this conversation, so if you are feeling WPL withdrawals, we have just what you need right here.

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