The PEP Mini Netball Tournament

PEP mini netball tournament
The PEP Mini Netball Tournament

Kicking off this weekend, the PEP Mini Netball Tournament will be taking place across three provinces with 18 festivals. Designed to inspire a love for the game of netball, team unity, and life skills, the tournament promises to be a highlight for under 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. And their parents as well.

I caught up with South African Schools Netball President Di Woolley, to learn more about the tournament, what young girls can learn through the sport of Netball, as well as the future of the tournament and how more schools can participate in the future. Who knows, your school and your province could be joining next! Starting on April 15th, the tournament is a highlight for young girls and will hopefully become a steady fixture on the calendar.
Tune in to find out all the skinny about this important school sport for girls.

Picture from PEP Mini Netball Festival

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