The Comrades Marathon with Carla Molinaro

The Comrades Marathon with Carla Molinaro - She Speaks Sport
The Comrades Marathon with Carla Molinaro

A She Speaks Sport Comrades Special!

The Comrades marathon is what many term “the greatest ultra – marathon on the globe,” and South Africans love hosting this popular marathon where legends and heroes have been made. I invited ultra marathon runner Carla Molinaro on to the show to discuss her personal preparation for Comrades and how it felt to podium at the Two Oceans. We discuss the downhill route and how the downhill affects runners in the Comrades. How important support is from fans and spectators, the marathon channel just for women this year and the conversation around payment for male and female athletes. And while Carla insists there is no support or help at the front of the race, we always get to witness the importance of camaraderie, (some marriage proposals), and kindness on the route between the runners.

Tune in for this short special on She Speaks Sport this week!
And all the best to the runners!

Fun fact about the Comrades, the first women who ran in the early Comrades marathons did so unofficially, Frances Hayward was the first women to win (still unofficially) in 1923. The organisers would not give her a medal however or even a monetary prize, but she did get a lovely silver tea set. Women were only allowed to compete officially since 1976.

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