Springbok Women with Libbie JV Rensburg

Libbie Janse van Rensburg - She Speaks Sport Podcast.
Springbok Women with Libbie JV Rensburg

On She Speaks Sport today I am joined by Bulls Daisies rugby co–captain Libbie Janse van Rensburg. Libbie played her first season for the Bulls in 2021, where she became their top scorer. She made her bok debut in 2021, and was part of the Springboks 7’s who won the Challenger Series earlier this year, added to this she won the backline player of the season for the Daisies and is currently training with the Springboks for the upcoming WXV tournament in October

On the show Libbie and I talk about professionalising women’s rugby in South Africa and how her team, the Bulls Daisies has changed the narrative through professionalisation. We talk about her journey as a captain in becoming the premier league division winners this year, what keeps her motivated and how she motivates the team around her. Libbie also gives us some insight into the camp’s current feeling as the Springbok women prepare to take on the Barbarians, Samoa, Italy and Scotland. Which team is she looking forward to playing? How can we invest in rugby and women’s sport on different levels, so little girls can dream of a career in sport? It’s all in here, and so much more, join us as we unpack women’s rugby and the future, here in South Africa.

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  1. This is an amazing podcast! I am so happy to share this on my online radio station AtRadio.Live. It is an honour to bring quality content of this sort to our listeners. Thank you Lauren for the excellence that you bring to my radio station’s listeners.

    1. Lauren Jacobs Profile Pic

      Thank you so much Dmitri and At Radio! What a beautiful message and I am overjoyed at your stations trust
      and airing of She Speaks Sport. A great blessing to get women’s sport out there to a wide audience.

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