On the Trail with Letshego Zulu

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On the Trail with Letshego Zulu

Join us on an awe-inspiring journey with Letshego Zulu, a name etched in history as the first black woman to conquer the Absa Cape Epic. But her story doesn’t stop there. Letshego is a force of nature, a beacon of strength, and a testament to the power of determination. She is also a mother, business woman in outdoor media and the proud owner of Echelon Bike Transport. Her book, “I Choose to Live: Life after losing Gugu,” stands as a testament to her courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

I sat down with Letshego to chat about her recent completion of the Waterberg Traverse in Limpopo. Her enthusiasm for the ethos of the race is infectious, but that’s not all. Letshego opens up about her exhilarating journey as a runner-up in Survivor SA, offering a raw and intimate glimpse into the mental fortitude required to navigate the challenges of the wilderness. Discover the catalyst behind Letshego’s four-time conquest of the Absa Cape Epic as she recounts the pivotal moment when her husband, Gugu, presented her with the opportunity. It was the prospect of breaking barriers as a black woman in the race that ignited her passion, propelling her to new heights of achievement. Reflecting on her whirlwind experience at the Absa Cape Epic 2024, she shares the heart-pounding moment when she received a last-minute invitation just 48 hours before the race. Her resilience and determination shine through as she navigated the gruelling terrain with unwavering resolve, making the race cut off by only 1 second.

She leaves us with a poignant tale of her daughter’s experience in acrobatics, a reminder of the invaluable lessons we can learn from the resilience of youth. Join us for a captivating conversation filled with laughter, and passion. Above all, Letshego’s remarkable journey will leave you inspired to conquer your own mountains, both on and off the trails.

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    1. Lauren Jacobs Profile Pic

      Thank you so much Letshego, it was such a joy and privilege to have you on the show, your presence brings calm and grace to the space and it was so tangible. <3

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