Nadine Roos –  the Rugby Sevens Star

Nadine Roos - She Speaks Sport
Nadine Roos –  the Rugby Sevens Star

The Springbok Rugby women’s sevens team have just returned from playing the Africa Cup Qualifiers in Tunisia, where they secured Olympic qualification for the games in Paris next year.  World rugby player of the year and sevens star, Nadine Roos joins me on the show today to discuss this recent win in Tunisia and the team’s determination as they approached the qualifiers.

We also talk about how the team handled the pressure at the tournament and the tough circumstances that faced them as they played in Africa. Reflecting deeply on her faith and upbringing in the home of our grandmother Ouma Sarie, Nadine shares a glimpse of the tough times and how her grandmother’s wisdom and faith paved a profound connection to religion in her own life. As an introvert Nadine has learnt to handle the media attention and the public spotlight, so how does she do that? And what advice would she give to her younger self? We also touch on the importance of paving a bright future for women in rugby, and how we can do that as spectators, players and investors. And of course, Nadine discusses the on-field emotions players have to manage with calmness and respect, especially when referees aren’t impartial. The rest of 2023 and its rugby calendar is exciting, so where will Nadine and the team be heading to over the next few weeks, tune in and find out here. 

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