Laryne Jefferies – SA Weightlifting Champ

Laryne Jefferies - She Speaks Sport
Laryne Jefferies – SA Weightlifting Champ

Laryne Jefferies began her competitive lifting career in 2020 and now holds the South African records for Female 71kg class for snatch 88kg, clean and jerk 112kg and total 200kg. She is the African Senior Championship 2022 Bronze winner, and the African Cup 2022 Silver medallist. She is ranked 5th in the 71kg female category in African continent and is currently the South African strongest female weightlifter overall. 

On the show, we break down all you need to know about the different categories of lifting, as well as Laryne’s journey in lifting. As someone who did not grow up doing sport, Laryne’s entry into lifting is inspiring and empowering for all who hear her story. Currently, she is raising the much-needed funding to compete in Thailand and ultimately to qualify for the Olympics in Paris later this year. Outside of lifting, Laryne is a fashion designer creating bespoke wedding gowns, and couture dresses, showing us that women can be both strong, and beautiful. Tune in to hear how each of us can make a difference in Laryne’s Thailand dream. 

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