Kate Allman-Calling the Play

Kate Allman - podcast image she speaks sport
Kate Allman-Calling the Play

Kate Allman is an award-winning freelance journalist, sports broadcaster and TV presenter. She is one of few female commentators leading the call on top-flight football around the world, as a play-by-play announcer on Australia’s Women’s A-League. She also commentates on field hockey, American gridiron, flag football, and is a sideline reporter and presenter on golf and motorcross events. As a sports writer, her byline appears regularly in the national Australian newspapers, the Guardian, ABC Sport, Women’s Golf Magazine, Tracks, Chillfactor, Forbes Australia and more. 

In this episode, Kate and I dive deep into her groundbreaking campaign, Equal Pay for Equal Play, which advocates for equal pay and prize money for women in sports. Kate shares how she ventured into sports commentary and opens up about her unique experiences as a woman in this space. We discuss the assumptions and surprises she faces, the support and allyship she’s received, and the milestones she’s achieved, including being part of the all-female commentary team that made history this February. 

Join our conversation as Kate unpacks her journey and offers valuable advice to young women aspiring to break into the world of sports commentary (take note, social media trolls come with the territory). You won’t want to miss this insightful and empowering conversation with an inspiring voice in the world of sport. 

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