Desiree Ellis-the Path to FIFA Women’s World Cup

Desiree Ellis Banyana Coach Podcast Image - She speaks Sport
Desiree Ellis-the Path to FIFA Women's World Cup

Desiree Ellis is the darling of South African women’s football. After receiving the highest order of Ikhamanga, presented by the president, Desiree joins me on She Speaks Sport to talk about the upcoming FIFA women’s world cup.

We talk about Desiree’s hardships, her years of unemployment, and the community she was raised in rife with gangs and violence, to debuting in the very first international women’s football game for South Africa in 1993. During the country’s transition, Desiree was the vice–captain for the South African team in that first international match against Swaziland, a moment she will never forget. Desiree is candid about the hardships of life, and how every dream is valid but requires work and dedication to make it a reality. We also talk about the FIFA World Cup next month and the feeling in the team of South Africa’s chances at advancing. I ask Desiree about the president’s commitment to equal pay in soccer among men and women and whether has that been achieved. Away from soccer, I ask our coach, “What are the life lessons she can give us as individuals to overcome hardships and to keep chasing dreams even impossible ones?” Inspiring, truthful, honest, and grounded, this conversation will have you thinking.

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