Breaking with B–girl Mids

Breaking with Midian Leah - She Speaks Sport Podcast.
Breaking with B–girl Mids

On today’s episode of She Speaks Sport, I am joined by full time B – girl, popper and dancer Midian Leah, also known an B – Girl Mids.

For Midian, dance has always been an outlet of expression, and when she started breaking at the age of 21, one of her goals was to show others that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. She has gone on to participate in local, national, as well as international competitions and just last month she earned a podium finish at the African Championships. This means she will be at the Olympic Games qualifiers next year.

On the show, Mids shares her own unique interpretation of dance and how she has pioneered creative dance moves that move away from sexualisation of dance, to expression forms. She also shares about how nothing can hold you back if you have a dream, even when life is hard and you have to dance underneath a car port in the coldest of winters to make your dreams a reality. Mids also breaks down some of the technical aspects of breaking, the role her faith has played in her journey and how she finds her inspiration. Midian is truly an incredible dancer and a woman who is inspiring others to take up breaking, especially women and young girls. Tune in and hear her advice to young girls getting into the dancing scene, as well as her perspective on the place of women in breaking, and the inequalities still found in the sport.

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