Mental Health with Roberta Moretti Avery

Mental Health Awareness with Cricketer Roberta Moretti Avery - She Speaks Sport
Mental Health with Roberta Moretti Avery

This week on She Speaks Sport, I am joined by Brazilian cricketer Roberta Moretti Avery. Roberta has enjoyed a decade of playing professional cricket, representing Brazil for nine years and called up to be part of the Fairbreak tournament in 2022 and 2023.

On the show, we talk about the state of cricket in Brazil, the growth and equality at every level of the game between men and women. Roberta’s also shares about the phenomenal way in which Fairbreak has changed lives for women. And she also gives us insight in to that special moment where her compatriot Laura Cardosa took the wicket of Danni Wyatt and how tears flowed on the field.

We chatted about Roberta’s passion for mental health and how she is a strong advocate for mental health awareness in athletes. Sharing about her own dark moments, she answers the questions on how to take better care of yourself not just as athletes. Roberta also talks about her dreams for the future and how as women we can fully show up as ourselves, fully ourselves, without any excuses. With passion, compassion, openness and that big smile of hers, Roberta inspires our hearts on this episode of She Speaks Sport.

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