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Aimee Barrett – Theron, My Rugby Life

On the show, Aimee and I discuss her early beginnings, from dreaming big as a 12-year-old girl watching the Olympics, to earning a rugby scholarship to Stellenbosch University. Having to drop out and return later to university, Aimee reflects on the hardship of that time but how rugby was a flame of hope and joy in her life. I also ask Aimee about the manner in which she conducts herself on the field, with respect and confidence. We also talk about the viral videos around the Sharks captain, as well as the U20 Wales and England captains and the conduct on field. Necessary to understanding what it takes to be a referee, we uncover the darker side of this profession, where referees are abused, or threatened and Aimee uncovers what it takes to be a professional referee. We show love to Aimee’s family and support system, and she gives us some rare insight into finding your identity outside of sport, and the sacrifices it takes to have an important work – life balance. Informative and personal, tune in and celebrate our woman of firsts.

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The FairBreak Movement with Shaun Martyn

On today’s episode of She Speaks Sport, I am joined by Shaun Martyn founder of FairBreak, a global movement promoting gender equality through the vehicle of cricket.
Fairbreak is ground breaking for so many reasons. Through empowerment of female cricket players from nations where women’s cricket has not yet fully developed, to research into sports bra’s that encourage breast health, to creating equal opportunities for women across sport, media, health, business and education.

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Sarah Hill – Tackling Obstacles as a Female Cyclist  

Sani2c wrapped up yesterday, and this year was epic! Watching Sarah Hill and her team mate Elrike Harmzen was such a delight, and their solid finish at 2nd overall deserves huge applause. On She Speaks Sport today, Sarah joins me to speak about some of the most important obstacles and hardships facing professional female mountain bikers.

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