Chaya Mughal – Women’s Cricket in UAE

Chaya Mughal - She Speaks Sport Podcast
Chaya Mughal – Women’s Cricket in UAE

Passionate and filled with wisdom, my guest on She Speaks Sport today is former UAE women’s captain and women’s cricket development officer Chaya Mughal. Chaya not only led the national team but also served as the UAE U-19 assistant coach for the inaugural U-19 World Cup which took place in South Africa in 2023. She has also been a part of the Fairbreak Invitational Tournament and captained the UAE national team in over 42 consecutive matches.

On the show, we reflect on Chaya’s passion for cricket and the development of the game for women in UAE. Drawing from her long career as a leader on and off the field, we talk about leadership qualities and her life’s values and wisdom. The Fairbreak Invitational Tournament is always a highlight and Chaya describes her time at the tournament and how she learnt a lot personally from Sophie Devine. What did she think of the U-19 tournament in South Africa and what did she learn from the South African people themselves? Her touching sentiments about South Africans is especially moving. Chaya also shares about the development of women’s cricket in the UAE, as well as her teams win in the Asia qualifier trophy, where UAE finally beat Thailand in a dramatic 6 run victory. Her final tournament before retiring from her illustrious international career.

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  1. It’s lovely to see women cricket players highlighted from different countries and inspiring to hear that
    girls are been given opportunities to learn from great role models like Chaya. I thoroughly enjoyed this
    episode. Thank you. Porta

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